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Access enables you to earn revenue from adverts served against your YouTube videos.

This service means that we scan your music and put it into the YouTube system. This will  constantly search for use of your music on User Generated Videos (UGC) searches as well as enable YouTube to serve adverts (if you want them to) on the official video that you upload. When our customers’ musical content is recognized in YouTube videos, these videos are automatically promoted and monetized (adverts served). Alternatively, if you don’t want adverts to be served and revenue to be generated, it is also possible to automatically block uploaded copies of videos and songs on YouTube. Our system gives you control and lets you decide.

Why monetize your music on YouTube?

Although your standard YouTube account allows you to monetize your videos on your own, this only applies to the videos you’ve uploaded yourself. However, as a Certified YouTube Partner, Access is also able to monetize videos uploaded by other YouTube users that include your music. Also, we can completely prevent the illegal upload of your music by other users. This includes those tracks from which you have not posted any video on YouTube. Of the paid advertising revenue generated through YouTube, you will receive the same share of revenue as with any other music service supplied by Access on your behalf.


  • STEP 1

    Upload your release to Access

  • STEP 2

    Book our YouTube Monetization service and choose whether you want to allow or block  use of your music on content uploaded by other YouTube users.

  • STEP 3

    Then we submit the necessary metadata to YouTube, where a so-called fingerprint of all songs of the release is created. This fingerprint makes it possible to automatically find all videos on YouTube that contain your music.

  • STEP 4

    Once a match is found, a claim with the settings you choose is automatically applied to the video.

  • STEP 5

    The generated revenue will be added to your Access credit.