Widgets allow you to embed a release, and an artist of an entire account into a website so that it displays the products you want to highlight direct from your site of choice. There are three types of widget:

Release level widget
With the “Release Widget” you can integrate a specific release on your website.
To integrate the widget, you need to copy the widget code into the HTML body of your webpage. The widget is optimized for mobile devices and offers many other great features such as track list, donation options, audio players and links to the various stores.  The same principle applies to the Artist and Account widget too.

Procedure Release Widget:

  • STEP 1

    Log in to accessmusic.io

  • STEP 2

    Go to «My Products»

  • STEP 3

    Select the desired release

  • STEP 4

    Select «Widget» and choose the desired widget

  • STEP 5

    Enter the desired size and the Price for the release (on responsive and tracklist widget) and copy the source code