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Has something happened that means your release must be available in the shops at short notice?

With Rapid Release, your product delivery will be expedited and supplied to the Music Stores as a priority to hit your deadline. If the Rapid Release product is uploaded before 12pm, the product will be available on store by the following day on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, and iGroove. With a standard delivery (i.e. without Rapid Release) this takes at least two to three days.

Example: If your release is to be available on Friday, it must be recorded by Thursday, no later than noon, including having been uploaded to Rapid Release service.

Use this option when things need to be really fast. But try to make sure that this is the exception and not the rule – we recommend to record and upload the product at least two weeks before your release date.



  • In exceptional cases, the speed upload may take longer and the shops check your release more accurately than normal. This is not in our power, we only guarantee priority delivery not that it will definitely go live in the time desired.
  • Even with a Rapid Release, it is assumed that everything is delivered by you in the Access system correctly, otherwise the release cannot be delivered to the shops.
  • When ordering on Saturday or Sunday, the Rapid Release can only be executed the following Monday.
  • STEP 1

    Click on «Order» (You must be logged in)

  • STEP 2

    Select the release for which you want to enable the Rapid Release

  • STEP 3

    Complete the order

  • STEP 4

    You will be automatically notified when the release is online