Terms And Conditions

Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions is required in order to be an approved user of the Access Service. When applying, and having been accepted into the service by the Access team, you agree to the Access Terms & Conditions below and supplied as a downloadable document for your records on the Access website.


ACCESS provides a platform enabling do-it-yourself digital distribution and promotion of your music.

We offer you, the music rights owner, the following services:

  • we enable you to create self-serviced music assets (e.g. metadata, artwork covers and audio files);
  • we give you access to detailed analytics including your sales and consumption trends;
  • we enable you to create promotional links to drive traffic to your music;
  • we enable you to create instant gratification offers on services including iTunes & Amazon;
  • you choose exactly which digital service providers (“DSPs”) you wish us to supply;
  • you retain complete control over the price of your downloads at both bundle and track level;
  • we offer optional additional services, including YouTube promotion and a synchronisation licensing service;
  • we provide detailed and clear accounting via our online portal;
  • we provide monthly electronic payment (subject to minimum earnings) direct to both client and if required artist (third party) accounts (bank / PayPal);
  • we provide you with full client support via chat functionality.


We act as your licensee to distribute the materials that you supply to us, which materials may include but not be limited to one or more of the following:

  • sound recordings
  • artwork
  • photos
  • video footage
  • written words


For the complete Terms & Conditions required to be accepted when applying for an Access Account, please CLICK HERE