What is ACCESS?

ACCESS  is a self-service distribution platform that allows artists to sell and promote their music online. ACCESS is powered by [PIAS], one of the world’s leading independent music companies and providers of artist and label services. Find out more …

Why is ACCESS different to other self service platforms?

ACCESS is part of [PIAS]; a global music company with over 35 years of experience providing services to some of the most influential independent artists and labels in history.

We are a company with global reach and experience that the artists and independent labels can plug in to, giving them the structure and partnerships to create lasting careers.

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What’s the difference between being an independent artist and signing to a record label? Which is better for me? How much money could I make from each?

The answer is not straightforward, but it goes something like this. As a self-releasing artist, you would receive the majority of your income from sales, but you are responsible for the all the jobs a label would do, in addition to financing everything from recording, visual asset creation, marketing, promotion, touring etc.


As an artist signed to a label you will receive a lower return, with the label taking a larger share of the revenue from sales. However, all costs financed by the label, and all the jobs of marketing, promotion, co-ordination, sales, and career development are taken care of. You would also be working with a team of people who are committed to developing a successful, long-term, international career. Record labels also bring creative input and leverage their contacts to bring opportunities for collaboration, exposure, and other forms of income such as synch licensing and brand partnerships. Overall an artist should earn much more in the long term by joining forces with a record label, but the decision to sign or not is not clear-cut. It depends on the needs of each individual artist.


We understand all sides of the argument, which is why we offer every solution an artist or label might need, including self-service distribution (ACCESS), complete label services and traditional artist deals. 

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Why do I have to apply?

The reason we ask artists to make an application is so that we can monitor the number of artists we work with at any one time, and provide the best possible service to those we accept.

Is there a charge for using Access?

Access is free to join. In return for using the service, Access deducts a 15% fee on any revenues you generate from the income we receive for the use and purchase of your music.

How long will it take to know if I’ve been accepted or not?

We aim to get back to every applicant within 24hrs

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You only have to read and accept our Terms and Conditions, then you can start immediately.

Check the Ts & Cs out here

What happens to the rights to my music?

You keep all rights to your music. All we need is the right granted to us by you to digitally distribute the uploaded songs to the music stores and countries you select.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. There is no minimum term or hidden costs on termination. See the Terms & Conditions for more info, here.

What should I do if I have technical problems or general questions?

If you have any questions you can contact the ACCESS support team through the online help tools and chat system.

Where and when do I see my sales figures and statistics?

You can always track your sales directly in your ACCESS account.

There are two different views available:

Sales Trends View

Here you can see all your download and streaming revenue updated daily. For the streaming platforms, we can currently read the data from Spotify and AppleMusic, with a delay of two days.

The trends are called trends because the numbers they deliver have not yet been billed to the individual music stores and therefore you have not yet been credited. The definitive billing may be slightly different from the sales trends due to currency fluctuations and corrections by the music stores.


Credit View

Here you can see all your download and streaming revenue, which has already been billed to each Music Store. Once a month, a credit note is created and credited directly to your account. Depending on the shop, it may take up to six months before a download from the sales trend view was billed to the music stores.

How and when do I get my money?

Your earnings will be credited to your account on a monthly basis along with detailed billing. You can always transfer money from your account to your bank or PayPal account.

Usually, the transfer takes 7-10 working days. But after 20 working days at the latest, the money has been transferred in full. Amounts can only be paid out for a minimum amount of €/$/£50.